The Brinegar Family
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Grandpa and Jesus (In memory of Wade Brinegar Sr.)

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From The Heart
Side 1
  1. Lord Feed Your Children
  2. What a Mighty God
  3. Jesus Still Reigns
  4. That Man Was Jesus
  5. John The Revelator

Side 2
  1. Washed By His Blood
  2. Just Reach Up
  3. Jesus Has His Hand On Me
  4. Spread Your Wings
  5. I've Been Revived

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Michael Brinegar

P.O. Box 536 - Sparta, NC 28675-0536

PHONE - 336-359-2028
Junior Brinegar

P.O. Box 942 - Sparta, NC 28675-0942

PHONE - 336-372-9647

Soaring With Eagles And Angels
Side 1
  1. Like An Eagle
  2. Pick Me Up
  3. I Believe He Died For Me
  4. Climbing That Mountain
  5. The Anchor Holds

Side 2
  1. Touching Angels Wings
  2. Holding Up The Ladder
  3. Does He Still Feel The Nails
  4. I Lean On You
  5. Our Day Will Come