In the Mountains of North Carolina, River Brooks works with his dad to Remodel and often rebuild old houses.

At the age of 15 River bought his 1st house and started filming, and Mountain Remodel was created. Watch this kid work and help remodel these old houses.

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River Brooks
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SEASON 3 - The Big Remodel

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SEASON 3 Part 2 - Duplex

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Showing different projects

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SEASON 1 - Farm House

Hello To All, we wanted to update you on the Farm House. We gained a lot of ground, but have too many projects and have put this one on hold. We will be doing more work later on.

More clips are on the way from some of the other projects

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More About Us
We don't do any commercial work, we are just working on our own houses.
Media, Press can contact us at 336-572-2053.