August 2, 2004

I purchased, and over saw the conversion of all the cars used in this movie to race cars. I like your sight I think its great to give the extras some credit.

My 5 man crew that built some 70 cars, for the movie. We worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week for 2 months to get those cars built.

I am back in Ca. now running my Street Rod shop. I know most of my crew are still in NC trying to further there racing careers, so all the help they can get would be great.

Andy Hillenburg, definitely deserves some credit for giving me the resources to get this big job done.

As an example of the great work done by my crew was the huge wreck of the # 18 Gatorade car. That was not scripted, and only a few short days before that wreck it was a street car I had purchased from the Family of an elderly man who passed away. It was a very clean street car, but if not for the wonderful work of my guys that car would have never held up in that wreck and the driver would no longer be with us. He walked away without a scratch, a tribute to my crew.

Gary Glass
Customs By GARY G.
Merced Ca.