Giving Peper the Checkered Flag on this role Barry Pepper
The Role Of Dale Earnhardt
Giving Peper the Checkered Flag on this role
Barry Pepper is in the driver's seat for the upcoming ESPN original film "3: The Dale Earnhardt Story," which he will star in as Dale Earnhardt.

The movie will air on December 11th on ESPN. Here's what pepper had to say:

"I play him from 17 to 49, and there's all kinds of prosthetics all over my face," Pepper said. "It was a real challenge especially in that heat, that North Carolina heat. You're always having things melting off of you. But it was just the coolest experience." Some of Earnhardt's family have expressed reservations about the movie, but Pepper said he had a positive meeting with Earnhardt's son, racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. "We had an opportunity to hang out and have a few beers. That was really important for me to make a connection with him and express to him how much effort and care went into the making of 3, to bring dignity and respect to his father's life and legend." Pepper said the family relationships are central to the movie's story. "That's the lifeblood that drives the story," Pepper said. "It's not about the seven Winston Cups, it's not about his dramatic death. It's about ... the dynamic, talented, complex, intelligent human being they said moved through life at his own pace generally at around 200 miles per hour."

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